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Robert Talevski shared his outlook for the Australian Dollar (January 2021)

Robert Talevski warned investors to always be cognisant of the X factor - or the black swan event, on ausbiz Live on 18 November 2020

Robert Talevski shared his insights on the possible equity market implications of the upcoming US election, portfolio positioning and strategy with ausbiz Live on 24 September 2020

Robert Talevski shared his insights on portfolio positioning, earning season and the upcoming bankruptcy wave with ausbiz Live on 12 August 2020 - The economy may look to be in recovery but we're still taking risk off the table

Robert Talevski shared his insights on asset allocation in the current market with ausbiz Live on 15 July 2020 - Nothing looks attractive on a valuation stand

Robert Talevski shared his insights on the current market with ausbiz Live on 17 June 2020

Robert Talevski shared his insights on ausbiz Live on 20 May 2020 - Economic indicators point to certain sectors continuing to perform

Robert Talevski shared his insights on ausbiz Live on 8 April 2020 - Active vs. passive for weathering the COVID-19 pandemic 

Robert Talevski being interviewed by Alan Kohler, presenter of the ABC’s The Kohler Report & founder of The Constant Investor, on 30 June 2016.



Australian Financial Review (25 November 2020): Fund managers get set to embrace shunned banks

  • Robert Talevski provided commentary on the gradual rotation of some fund managers into banks and the factors supporting this sector going forward.

Money Management (20 October 2020): Active fund returns exceed passive funds

  • Robert Talevski shared his insights on the outperformance of active funds over passive funds in September, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Money Management (16 October 2020): How will a Biden win affect markets?

  • Robert Talevski provided his views on how might a Joe Biden win affect the markets.

Australian Financial Review (6 October 2020): Fee-gouging funds sparked Vanguard exit

  • Robert Talevski provided further commentary on Vanguard's entry into the rapidly growing and fiercely competitive low-cost option sector.

The Weekend Australian Financial Review (3 October 2020): Giant Vanguard must scale the default super mountain

  • Robert Talevski discussed Vanguard's push in the superannuation sector.

Australian Financial Review (13 January 2020): Be selective, but stick with shares

  • Robert Talevski discussed Activus' position in the equities market.


Financial Standard Advice (21 August 2018): A new alliance for the post-royal commission world

  • Robert Talevski discussed the roles and importance of partnerships between advisory groups and consultants.

Money Management (30 June 2018): Active management may do better for equities

  • Is the market crashing? Steve Merlicek spoke about the warning signs of potential large market downdrafts.


Australian Financial Review (6 June 2017): Investors can add global growth exposure through ASX-Listed small caps

  • Robert Talevski was interviewed by the Australian Financial Review as part of their broader small caps article.

Investor Daily (30 June 2017): Small caps worth another look

  • Robert Talevski discussed the potential of small caps.

Investor Daily (12 January 2017): 'Overvalued' equities still offer relative value

  • Robert Talevski compared the value of equities market and bond markets.


Investor Daily (29 November 2016): Making sense of emerging markets

  • Robert Talevski discussed whether it was the right time to invest in emerging markets.

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